Welcome to Colt’s Homepage!

Colt Jensen is a Ph.D. candidate in the Public Administration and Policy program at the University of Georgia. He specializes in state and local government management, public personnel administration, and network governance. His current research focuses on rural local governance, the role of public values in government decision-making processes, and the evolving influence of government labor unions on public personnel outcomes. He is working to complete his dissertation by summer 2024.

His most recent publication is now available online in the American Review of Public Administration.

Research Interests

Thank you for visiting my website! I am currently working on my dissertation and several other exciting research projects. Below, I have outlined the research questions that are driving my dissertation research.

Dissertation - Rural Local Governance:

  • How can we conceptualize and measure rurality in a way that does not lose meaningful within-group variation which frequently occurs when we dichotomize rurality (e.g., rural and metropolitan)?
  • Rurality measures in public administration are frequently derived from census measures or designations. However, countries around the world use differing census methodologies and definitions of rurality. Given this reality, how can rurality be defined and measured in a way that accommodates such variation and allows for a cohesive and sustainable international rural administration research agenda?
  • Does the ecology of rural areas (i.e., their physical isolation from other local governments, urban centers, and physical infrastructure such as primary highways) influence the transmission of administrative advice, awareness of the availability of grants, and more generally, the capacity of local governments? If there is a relationship between ecology and important administrative outcomes, would theories of network governance such as the ICA framework benefit from the consideration of the “biophysical conditions” described by the IAD framework?